2 november 2016 | Symposium: improving trauma care

26 september 2016
2 november 2016 | Symposium: improving trauma care
Injury is a major public health problem. The WHO states that ‘the prevention of injuries is very important, but improvement of access and quality of trauma care can significantly reduce the burden of injury’. To improve the quality of trauma care, regional trauma care systems have been widely implemented. Essential components of trauma care systems are prehospital care and transportation, the designation of trauma care facilities and research activities.

Trauma registry data of patients and their outcomes are crucial to identify opportunities for system improvement. The Dutch trauma registry was implemented in 2007.

At the symposium - 2nd november 2016 - leading experts on trauma system evaluations and national trauma registries from the US, UK, Germany, and the Netherlands will present recent work and will show what can be learned from trauma system evaluations to further improve the care for injured patients. During the meeting, the Dutch trauma registry reports 2011-2015 will be handed out to the Ministry of Health.



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